Praise & Gratitude


Working with Sandra has made such an incredible impact upon my life and my well being.  I first met Sandra when she was teaching yoga at the studio I began taking classes at. She quickly became one of my favorite teachers who always lead the most amazing classes that left me feeling nourished and revitalized. When she began her journey into healing through Ayurveda and hosted an informational workshop, I was intrigued to learn more. I was excited and curious, but also a little nervous for my first appointment, however she made me feel comfortable and relaxed right away. Throughout my experience with Sandra, she has shown so much patience and support, encouraging me to become my best self. She has encouraged me to advocate for myself and find my voice in seeking a better work/life balance, and as a result, one of the greatest improvements to my life has been a big career transition from a high-stress job that left me drained physically and emotionally. I felt like a great weight had been lifted off of me from the moment I had the plan in motion. Throughout the transition, Sandra was there with the tools and advice I needed to keep me balanced and supported. Her wisdom and intuition is remarkable, and she always seems to know exactly what I need at exactly the right time. Her recommendations such as Abhyanga, baths, and nourishing foods and herbs, have given me a wonderful toolbox for self care that has helped me manage anxiety and live a much more balanced life. She is refreshingly open, honest and authentic, which in turn inspires me to look at my own thoughts and actions to improve those qualities in myself.  I am so grateful for the amazing support and guidance she has given me, she is phenomenal!

– Allyson, Yogini 

Sandra as an Ayurvedic practitioner has opened me up to living in balance. Before working with Sandra I was never aware of how off balance I was. Often I would make desperate decisions and would ignore my senses. My body, mind and soul were crying out for support. She has gently guided me to healthier living through ayurvedic practices. I keep track of my progress though journaling which has been a revelation to me and how I feel and react to situations. She has suggested herbs and foods to use daily to better support my body.

I am making better healthier choices now. Sometimes I find it hard to maintain these practices, but Sandra is always quietly there in support. She has introduced me to a new way of nurturing and supporting myself. She has also introduced me to ways to soothe and pacify my nerves and anxiety such as abyhanga. I am beginning to feel the world around me more fully and am more present in everything I do. I can feel the transition coming as I become a new and healthier me. Thank you Sandra, you are amazingly magical!

-Ross, Teacher

Sandra’s presence brings feelings of love and non-judgment. I sense a deep, genuine passion she has for me and the work she’s doing.  I even noticed a special feeling I experienced when I would touch, hold and feel the effects of the herbs Sandra made herself, for me. A sense of gentle love, fuzzy and warm! Ayurveda has shifted my perspective in many ways such as my eating habits: feeling a deeper connection and understanding of the foods I’m choosing to put in my body and how it affects my body. In my most recent visit with Sandra I realized that in all that I do, what really matters is “the journey”. I’d heard this before and for some reason it struck big this time in my life. I’ve noticed no matter what I’m doing, inside there has always been this sense of anxiety, a rushing sense to finish this or get that done. Always rushing to get to the finish line. The ebbs and flow of the journey and how we CHOOSE to LIVE it, TEACH it, and pass it on are what matter most. Overall I’m happier, I feel more connected to myself and the people around me. I’ve noticed, the more I’ve opened up to myself, the more life continues to open up to me.

I’m so thankful to be practicing and learning Ayurveda with Sandra. I have a deep love for what she does. Her work is truly magical!


I highly recommend Sandra Gutierrez, Ayurveda Practitioner/Healer.  I recommend her without reservation.  Sandra guided my body and mind back to wellness after my having suffered two years of debilitating illness.  She gave me her skillful attention and evaluated my body and mind using Ayurveda knowledge & Principles.  I was surprised to realize that I never ate on time, and that I always ate in front of the television.  I learned that to sit and eat at 8am, noon, and 6pm is how to honor my body & give thanks.  I learned to openly appreciate the fragrant and good cumin rice, mung beans, kale salad, wild salmon I’d prepare.  What a different world!  How much less stress when my body had the right food to function, on time.  I have a colon that works now, and a relationship to my food that is more holy than recreational.  I credit Sandra with helping me to achieve a healthy balanced relationship with my body.  Thank you Sandra!

– Irma


I sought out a yoga studio where I could learn yoga as an adjunct to my meditation.  That is how I met Sandra. I was new to a formal yoga practice, I am 58, and I am a curvy round lady–yoga terrified me.  Sandra saw my struggles, and we talked about them. She explained that yoga and meditation are about being here now right where I am, and that could be different each day. She explained the inward focus of yoga, and how combined with mindfulness it is also a meditation.  She was patient, not judgmental, and very engaging. It was so easy to connect with her, and she gave me the confidence to stay with yoga.  She saw my fears and connected with them but helped me face them. Her voice is a wonderful voice. She is a gifted teacher in terms of how she explains the breath, the movements, and their interactions. I can honestly say that I stayed with yoga because of her guidance and teaching.

– Kathy, Retired Executive

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Ryan Caputi, CMP