Initial Consultation: 2.5 hour session

An Ayurvedic assessment of tongue, pulse and physical diagnostics along with an in-depth review of current diet, daily routines and history of health conditions. Information gathered is utilized to understand the root cause of disease and/or disharmony in the mind and body,  determine one’s unique constitution and create a personalized treatment plan to address the cause of disease with the use of food, lifestyle and herbs as medicine.

Report of Findings: 1 hour session

Based on information gathered at the Initial Consultation, an Ayurvedic interpretation of findings is presented including one’s constitution.  Personalized treatment recommendations that pacify the five senses are given to promote optimal health and well-being. Herbal formulas to support the mind, digestive system and/or existing conditions may be recommended.

Follow-up Consultations: 45 minute session

Ongoing support to sustain well-being. Each session will offer education, support and tools for health including dietary and lifestyle recommendations, herbs, oils, aromatherapy, sound therapy and more.